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Facial Balancing and Rejuvenation

Get a lifted, flawless face with our collagen-building facial balancing and rejuvenation treatments!


Using dermal filler, PRP microneedling, and the latest Biostimulation techniques we can revitalize and refresh your facial features to remove unwanted premature aging! Book your consultation today at St. Louis MedSpa, Aesthetically Pleasing to discuss our latest neocollagenesis treatment options that can provide you with the sculpted jawline, carved cheekbones, and natural-looking kissable lips you desire! 

Stimulate your body's healing ability

Collagen Biostimulation with Sculptra & Radiesse

Rejuvenate and refresh your collagen reserves! Let your body do the work with Collagen Biostimulation using Sculptra or Radiesse filler at St. Louis Medical Spa, Aesthetically Pleasing!  We offer two options (Sculptra and Radiesse) that work hard to promote the growth of collagen and other skin firming proteins long after being injected. These injections stimulate your body to produce collagen that will address deep folds and volume loss that can age you prematurely. Both Radiesse and Sculptra can address significant volume loss not only around your neck, but also in the...

  • cheeks

  • temples,

  • around the eyes,

  • between the mouth and nose,

  • and even your hands! 

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Natural Makeup

sculptra: Facial balancing

Get your ultimate glow-up with our Sculptra treatment at Aesthetically Pleasing St. Louis medspa! For those that love a natural look, it is important to note that Sculptra is not a dermal filler! However, you will see dramatic improvement just like a dermal filler. Sculptra is an FDA-approved injectable that is designed to combat common signs of aging over time. It works by stimulating your body's natural collagen production, which will gradually restore volume loss and give you results that last for years! In fact, 94% of patients agreed that the treatment results look natural 2 years after treatment! 

With Sculptra, you can get a natural, gradual lift and improved skin texture. And the best part is that it is non-invasive with no downtown, meaning you won't have to waste valuable time recovering from surgery.


Before and after
Skin Analysis

lift and tighten


You are just one Ultherapy treatment away from that facelift you keep putting off! At Aesthetically Pleasing MedSpa in St. Louis, we offer a new and FDA-cleared skin lifting and tightening technique known as Ultherapy. Unlike lasers, which penetrate the skin from the outside-in, the Ultherapy procedure bypasses the surface of the skin and delivers targeted energy specifically into the deep, structural tissues where collagen lives.


By stimulating the deep structural support layers of the skin, a natural, regenerative response is initiated, stimulating the growth of new collagen, which lifts and tightens the skin over time. This means your skin will continue to improve even after your session! Plus who has the time to recover from facelift surgery? The great news is Ultherapy at our St. Louis, MO MedSpa is completed in under 90-minutes and has little to no downtime! 


Our St. Louis MedSpa Vampire Facial is a PRP Microneedling treatment designed for those who suffer from acne and have visible acne scars or skin damage from prolonged exposure to the sun.


This potent elixir of your PRP contains a variety of growth factors and other naturally occurring proteins. At our St. Louis Aesthetically Pleasing medspa, we specialize in rejuvenating your skin from the inside out! This treatment contains a variety of growth factors to create an environment for naturally rejuvenated skin.


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undereye prp treatment

Lessen your under-eye bags, dark circles, and fine lines.  Aesthetically Pleasing PRP under-eye rejuvenation process tightens the skin around your eyes, while also getting rid of pesky dark circles. You can book this as a stand-alone treatment or add to any Microneedling PRP Facial.

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Facial Rejuvenation

facial rejuvEnation

St. Louis Facial Rejuvenation Treatments Start at $600
Book your consultation to get started. 
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