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Body treatments & COntouring

Explore treatments designed to help you restore your confidence and rejuvenate your body. 

OH shot:
Reclaim your spark

If you struggle with incontinence, sexual dysfunction, or complications from childbirth, the Oh Shot is for you! While it is commonly known for helping women achieve and intensify orgasm, did you know that it can also treat urinary incontinence and other childbirth-related complications?  Our Aesthetically Pleasing injectors are fellow moms and we know just how important it was to bring the Oh Shot procedure to St. Louis, MO!

The Oh Shot is not medicine, a drug, or a surgical procedure! By using the power of your own platelet-rich plasma (PRP), you can induce your own tissue regeneration within your vagina which helps with incontinence and your ability to orgasm. Using our safe and trusted PRP treatment, we will isolate your plasma and inject it in the privacy of our Aesthetically Pleasing St. Louis MedSpa. And the best part is that this treatment is quick! You'll be in and out in no time here at our St. Louis Aesthetically Pleasing Medical Spa.

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Youthful Hands WIthin Reach

With our Hyperdilute Radiesse treatment, you can truly renew your hands. This treatment will give you smoother, firmer, younger-looking hands that you will be proud of. 

We will apply a safe and comfortable filler to your hands that will instantly provide volume and structure.  Including helping to camouflage veins that characterize the aging appearance of hands. This solution will quickly work to remodel your skin, while also encouraging collagen and elastin growth. 


Hand rejuvenation from Aesthetically Pleasing MedSpa lasts for nearly a year! Schedule your consultation today to learn more. 

Booty Lift

With our Booty Lift & Contouring Hyperdilute Radiesse treatment, you can have an instant, subtle lift on your buttocks! 


This FDA-approved treatment will give your butt a tighter and smoother appearance all without going under the knife.  

This biostimulating dermal filler is injected into your backside or "hip dips" to enhance your natural feminine curves for that booty you've always wanted. You will have a curvier silhouette without the work! 


This non-surgical body contouring butt lift treatment from Aesthetically Pleasing MedSpa can last for nearly a year! Schedule your consultation today to learn more. 

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kiss your scars goodbye


What if you could permanently erase or lessen your scars?​ With our PRP Scar Revision treatment, you can! We use advanced PRP techniques to eliminate scar tissue by stimulating the connective tissue. Now you can be even more flawless! 

for hair loss

Are you dealing with thinning hair? Self-conscious about balding? Notice your hair volume and thickness changed in the months following your recovery from Covid-19? We are here to help! 

Don't stop with just repairing your face - Regrow your lost hair! The power of your own PRP can also help you with hair loss. Our Aesthetically Pleasing PRP Hair Loss treatment in our St. Louis MedSpa is designed to nurture your scalp by preventing hair loss and promoting new hair growth. We recommend a treatment plan of at least 3 sessions of PRP Hair Renewal to see the quickest results. 

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Go Beyond The Body with

The Ultimate


We call it the ultimate for a good reason! The Ultimate PRP at our Aesthetically Pleasing St. Louis, MO MedSpa includes all the great benefits of our PRP Microneedling facial treatment, plus our Liquid Facelift with Dermal Filler, and our Under-Eye PRP treatment. This is the treatment for those who want to see the maximize their results of PRP.

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body treatments

St. Louis Body Treatments Start at $600

With body contouring treatment by Aesthetically Pleasing St. Louis Med Spa, you'll regain your confidence as you rejuvenate your body! 

Each body treatment will leave you feeling flawless and renewed without any invasive plastic surgery.  
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Rejuvenate renew

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